About the Foundation

Oldham Little Church Foundation is a private foundation which funded grants in excess of $950,000 to small, evangelical Protestant churches throughout the United States in 2017. Since our founding in 1949, we have provided over 16,500 Facility Completion Grants totaling over $44 million for church renovations, repairs, and new construction projects.

Our Mission

OLCF’s mission is to support small evangelical Protestant churches with improvements to their facilities so that they may be a witness in their community and win souls for Christ.


  • Dr. Paul H. Sanders, President / CEO
  • Mrs. Lisa Diehl, Grants Coordinator

Board of Directors and Officers

  • Rev. Garry Blackmon, Director, 2013
  • Rev. Lee Hsia, Director, 2017
  • Mr. Ralph T. Hull, Director, 2011
  • Mr. Stewart Morris, Jr., Chairman of the Board, 2003
  • Mr. Stewart Morris, Sr., Director, 1955
  • Mrs. Kay Parker, Secretary, 2012
  • Dr. Paul H. Sanders, President / CEO & Treasurer, 2013
  • Mr. David Stutts, Director, 2006
  • Mr. David Taylor, Director, 2005
  • Mr. Louis E. "Ed" Finlay, Director Emeritus, 1989

*Year elected to Board