Christ Church, Rome, NY

"We, at Christ Church, are delighted to see the completion of the fellowship hall project with the generous funds from Oldham Little Church Foundation. This month, our beautiful new facility will open for participants from four churches at a painting session taught by a seasoned artist. At our May fellowship meal after morning worship, this well-lighted site will offer plenty of space for serving and sharing food at tables neatly arranged in advance—no longer hastily carried into the sanctuary and requiring congregants to reconfigure their seats. We are so thankful to the Lord for His gracious provisions in every season and for the willingness of the Foundation to support us in building this room in the house He has given us for worship!"


South Point Community Church, Crown Point, IN

"The grant has benefited our church in incredible ways. Of course, 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, including our church. It was an amazing reality that when our church gathered together for the first time in our auditorium again, we had new carpet and a new hardwood platform! What an incredible surge of excitement and hope.

Thank you so much!"

Elion Zion Baptist Church, Rosharon, TX

"The pastor and the congregation of the Elion Zion Baptist Church continuously praise God for whom all blessings flow and we're forever indebted to the generosity of the OLCF. Literally EVERYONE we've worked with associated with OLCF has been warm, receptive and genuine in their quest to assist us throughout the entire process. With the grant, we were able to make some much needed repairs to our edifice. With a generous grant we have been able to update our entire HVAC system, repair our flooring and sheetrock. We have a 100+ year old church that seeks to be a beacon in the community we serve. Thanks once again to OLCF for the financial blessing and making the process so easy with warming, caring people. May God continue to shine upon this foundation as you continue to bless more and more churches."

Bridge Community Baptist Church, Blackshear, GA

"Thank you so much for your generosity in helping us achieve this dream of ours."

New Way Bible Fellowship Church, San Antonio, TX

"Thank you very much for your assistance. God bless you and OLCF. We are building God's church on faith and so far we have not borrowed any money and will be debt free when we finish. Again, may God richly bless you"

Iglesia Pentecostes El Camino, Houston, TX

"For the Glory of God and thanks to OLCF our congregation has had a tremendous change in our audio and visual transmission. We are so thankful for this blessing, We truly could not have done it without this grant. We pray that God may continue to bless you so you can continue helping others."

Phillips Christian Church, Salem, OH

"This grant allowed the church to make a long time dream become a reality. After a lot of prayer and hard work, we were able to see through the completion of the Sanctuary Window Replacement Project. The person who originally headed up this project passed away from cancer, so the church was so blessed to get this grant so we could see this project finished. Each Sunday morning, the sanctuary is brighter, and we get a reminder of his service to the Lord when we see the windows. The widow was so touched to learn that this project was completed in his name. THANK YOU to all of you for blessing our small country church in ways you can't even begin to imagine."

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Whitehouse, TX

"The grant application process of Oldham Little Church Foundation was extremely simple and appreciated. The information requested was on task and related to our goals towards our project. We greatly appreciate the generosity of OLCF and their partnering with us to help tell the story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with such "clarity". Again thank you for your grant and please let us know if you need any additional information. May our God continue to bless your efforts in partnership in ministry."

Calvary Baptist Church, New Philadelphia, OH

"We are truly blessed by Oldham Little Church Foundation. Thank you so much for helping us greatly with our new roof. It will surely bring some new folks to Calvary Baptist Church as the building now looks so inviting. We are looking forward to sharing Jesus to our valley. May the Lord bless your foundation over the top! The online process is so easy and user friendly. We are amazed at your kindness. Thanks again!"

Living Hope Christian Fellowship, Goshen, IN

"The grant awarded to us allowed our church to do some much needed improvements without the financial burden. The online grant process required a number of details but was always clear about what documentation was needed as well as information on what the next steps would be. Thanks again for all you do and for the grant awarded to our church!"

Liberty Community Worship Center, Ferguson, MO

"This grant enabled us to make some vital finishes to our church's Audio/Visual capacity. We are a historic site in downtown Ferguson, MO and we appreciate this much-needed update to our sanctuary."

Grace Evangelical Congregational Church, Schuylkill Haven, PA

"Our steeple was in bad need of painting. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary at this location (dedicated in 1971) this month. Our original location dates back to 1895 however. We wanted so much to have the steeple painted this year as part of our 50th anniversary celebration. Because of the grant money given us by OLCF, we were able to achieve this. We are so thankful that God led us to your website and that your foundation is able to bless us and others in need of financial support. Thank you Paul and Lisa and to everyone who supports this program. God is good in so many ways! The initial grant application is quite extensive but we understand the need for this information. The whole process, however, is well thought out and flows naturally as the application advances from step to step. The communications coming from OLCF are excellent. The instructions are clear and concise. Again, thank you from our entire congregation for your support. They love the freshly painted steeple."

Almena Congregational Church, Almena, KS

"The windows benefited our church in a couple ways. First, it added aesthetic quality to our sanctuary making it a little nicer for the worship service. Second, on a practical level it will save on energy bills since the old windows allowed the wind to blow into the building. The process was very easy and your communication excellent."

New Life Fellowship Church, Huntington, IN

"This grant has and will continue to strengthen the discipleship arm of our church. Space is good, but only if it's useable. This grant has taken unusable space and made it usable. This has truly been a blessing. Thank you!"

Mt. Pleasant Bible Church, Goodells, MI

"The grant award we received from the Oldham Little Church Foundation enabled us to complete our building addition by covering the cost of the electrical installation for the new addition. For our small congregation the grant award was not only a valuable financial contribution to our overall project, but also an encouragement as were raising funds for the project. The generous grant award significantly encouraged the congregation. OLCF made a big difference in us being able to complete our project. Now we have a barrier-free, accessible building for today and future generations to hear of the good news of Jesus Christ and to worship the Lord together. The grant application was straightforward and the staff was friendly and helpful in answering our questions and navigating an extension as our project was delayed by COVID."

First Baptist Church, Beaver, OH

"Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of a new church that will double our seating capacity and meet the needs of our community. This grant helped us get the concrete work completed for the erection of our new building. Things are moving slower than anticipated due to covid, but we are excited."

New Hope Baptist Church, Jamestown, MO

"Words cannot describe how grateful we are to Oldham Little Church Foundation. We appreciate so much your gift to our church and your helpfulness in guiding us to complete this process. We are now enjoying a refurbished well system with new water pipes, a hand pump for emergency situations, an effective water filtration system, and a needed water softener. New Hope Baptist Church will be forever grateful to you for your ministry to us. May God continue to bless your efforts as you continue to minister to churches with His love and support. We will continue to give thanks for you as we continue the renovation project that is before us."

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Tennessee Colony, TX

"Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Tennessee Colony, TX is so thankful for the help of Oldham Little Church Foundation. The church was established in 1872; next year we will celebrate 150 years! Our church is a historic structure dating back to slavery, therefore the on going preservation of it is very important.

The church foundation repairs totaled $14,800.00. Oldham Little Church Foundation's $8,000.00 grant allowed us to receive repairs from the most reputable company located in Anderson County, TX, ​Rite-Way Foundation Repair. They did a remarkable job and the church feels great because of the repairs.

Please know that Bethel Missionary Baptist Church will be forever grateful for your generosity. Again thank you."

First Southern Baptist Church of Waterford, CA

"This grant was huge for us. We are getting closer to paying off our debt that the church has been in for years. I have only Pastored here for 2 years but the Lord has done amazing things. This grant allowed us to not have to use extra money that can now be used for other improvements to the property. While the church was paying off the debt, many things were neglected because they only had enough to pay the debt payment and nothing else. With no upkeep and maintenance the costs of repairing and replacing is very high... I describe it as eating an elephant and we've only finished the first foot. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your assistance and generosity in this manner. You have been a great blessing and encouragement to our church family. Blessings."

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Silver Creek, MS

"We, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of Silver Creek, would like to thank you for the generous grant we received. The entire process, from application to notification of the grant award, has been a seamless process and a blessing to our church and community. We have been able to move forward with our construction plans and the grant funding will allow us to continue to bless others.

We extend a heartfelt thank you for all that you do to help churches in their mission to serve God. We appreciate Oldham Little Church Foundation for helping us continue our mission of ministering to the masses with the mercy of the Master. Blessings."

Kennewick Story Point Community Church of the Nazarene, Kennewick, WA

"We are a small, low-income church, located in the desert, where temperatures in the 100's are normal throughout the summer. This summer we've had a heat wave, with temperatures over 110 for nearly 2 weeks and in the hundreds+ for nearly a month straight. After being shut down due to COVID restrictions for over a year, funds were even lower than usual. An expense as large as replacing our AC unit would be a huge struggle in a normal year, but having that kind of expense this year would have been devastating without the help of the Oldham Little Church Foundation. If we had not qualified for the grant, we'd have had to put this expense on a credit card and it would likely have taken 5+ years to pay off. Due to the generosity of Oldham Little Church Foundation, the monies we'd have spent on replacing our air conditioning, can now go to everyday expenses and ministering to our community of homeless, recovering addicts, and low-income families! Thank you so much for your generous gift!"

New Vision Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Jackson, MS

"We are extremely grateful to OLCF for their generosity in giving this grant award. With the onset of the COVD pandemic, our small church, like many, had our share of financial hardship. We would not have been able to move our renovation project forward without this vital financial boost. It was truly a blessing from God! The grant process was extremely efficient. I had the opportunity to communicate with our grant coordinator, Lisa Diehl. She was very understanding and helpful. The whole process was thorough but very user friendly. Thank you so much. May God bless each of you. Again, Pastor Johnson and the entire New Vision Fellowship MB Church thank you for this amazing gift from God."

Cloverdale Baptist Church, Grand Bay, AL

"The process for the grant was clear and easy to follow. Our church appreciates and is truly thankful for the Oldham Little Church Foundation and its generous work in helping small churches fund projects that help us serve our communities."

Living Water Church, Gladewater, TX

"We are so grateful for the Oldham Little Church Grant. When it comes to church planting raising funds is always the most difficult task. This grant has provided us the amazing opportunity to minister to children and have a dynamic worship experience. We are eternally grateful!"

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Doddridge, AR

"We are very grateful for the grant, because it has provided us with the necessary means for our members to be able to go out of the doors and the doors will lock behind them and they will have to enter thru the front. This was very necessary due to Covid-19. Also, we are grateful for our new 5 ton heat pump."

Antioch Galveston Community Church, Galveston, TX

"We are so thankful for Little Church Foundation. We were awarded [a grant] for a new ac unit for our church. We are extremely grateful. Because of this contribution we have been able to enjoy prayer services, outreach team, block parties and host youth and Women's events. Our community was able to see how God's grace and provision was met by another Christian organization. Little Church Foundation has been instrumental in helping us ease the financial burden as a community. Thank you again for investing in this church body. Many blessings from the Antioch Galveston Church community."

Redeemer Church of Denton, TX

"Our new sanctuary looks so much better, cleaner, newer, finished with our chairs. We have had a lot of compliments and excitement over them. Thank you for the award. It really has blessed our little church as we continue to see new faces every week."

Mission Centers, Houston, TX

"We truly appreciate your partnership in advancing the Gospel in the Houston communities we serve... Your gift will go a long way in helping us to continue reaching all ages with the good news of Jesus Christ and the teaching of God's Word while providing for the many physical needs in these under-resourced communities....May the Lord bless you all greatly!"

Yucca Valley Church of the Nazarene, Yucca Valley, CA

This entire process has been a blessing, start to finish! Thank you for helping our church expand its ministry into our community. We are growing our local congregation; God is also opening doors for us to minister on a nearby Marine Corps base (29 Palms). It looks very possible that we will begin a satellite operation on base within the next 12 months. God is good!

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Houston, TX

"Glory to God for faith stewards of much needed resources to continue to thrive with the changing times. Because of OLCF's granted assistance, Emmanuel Baptist Church is able to serve the Kingdom of God on a higher level of excellence and keep up with the demands of AV/Sound needs without interruption. With sincere gratitude - Thank you!"

Westbrook Community Church, Chaska, MN

"We are so grateful to Oldham Little Church Foundation for providing us the finances to purchase the speakers for our new worship center. We are a ten year old church plant and we just moved into our first building. As you may know the cost of building supplies has dramatically increased this past year, so we didn't have enough money to get quality speakers. A quality sound system and good speakers are critical to our ministry efforts to reach people with the gospel, and the Foundation stepped in and provided the money for this to happen. Thank you Oldham for your work, for the simple application process and for blessing us with this grant. You have been a gift from God for us!"

GrandView Community Church, Colorado Springs, CO

"We couldn't be more GRATEFUL for this gracious gift you have shared with us in Kingdom partnership!

The parking lot grant had the desired effect in significantly updating our faded/cracked parking lot. But it also boosted other remodel projects that we are in pursuit. We are now off and running on those additional projects such as carpet, painting, new video monitors, new sanctuary chairs, and more!

We will be walking this remodel upgrades journey for sometime, the next 1-2 years, but we are in a much better place as God used the grant as a catalyst. Thanks again for your generosity in this matter!"

St. Peter Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Kansas City, KS

"First giving Honor to GOD, We the Trustee Board at St Peter CME Church, thank the Oldham Little Church Foundation for the much needed help in the repairs of our Church Building. As we continue to serve in the Urban Core, Without these much needed repairs, we would have had to discontinue various ministries that serve the community. During the Covid 19 peak season brought on additional challenges. Our resources were strained as we had to increase food baskets by more than double. Glory to GOD, we're becoming stable and worship is coming back. The online process is detailed and ask the necessary documentation. The best part is how easy it is to get the information and documentation back and forth. The fast response made everything go smooth.

Thank You and GOD Bless You!"

Hillview Baptist Church, Kennewick, WA

"This grant has helped maintain our church and keep it looking clean and welcoming. The online process is straightforward and thorough. Thank you for assisting our church!"

Temple of Grace Faith Center, Houston, TX

"The OLCF grant has really blessed our ministry. We are able to livestream with a more professional look and feel. We believe this will help us to further spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much!"

Apostolic Voice For Christ Church, Houston, TX

"On behalf of the Apostolic Voice for Christ (AVC), we would like to thank you for your recent donations. Every dollar that you have contributed is deeply appreciated by the church as we strive to serve communities within and beyond Houston.

As you know, many churches struggle to keep the lights on and the programs running. Ours is no exception. We do the best we can with what we have, all the while committed to being good stewards of all that we have been given. Your generous gifts remind us that our greatest blessing at the Apostolic Voice for Christ is our wonderful people, as well as partners like you. It is your generosity and belief in our mission that enables us to perform this great mandate, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership.

On behalf of the entire congregation, please accept our deepest gratitude.

Thank you and God bless you!"

Scenic Church of the Nazarene, Springfield, MO

"With this grant we were able to take money that would have spent to replace the air conditioning and we have used to begin new ministries and outreaches for our community. This would not have happened without the grant. The online application was easy to use and very easy to navigate. There were clear instructions and the follow up from the foundation was helpful."

St. Joseph Baptist Church, Fresno, CA

"St Joseph Baptist Church of Fresno, California would like to say thank you for the generous gift you gave to our church, when we were in an emergency situation. Excessive water damage came with several problems which seemed impossible to address based upon our needs. However, we reached out to you and you were there to assist us, and for that we are thankful and appreciative to your organization. We will be able to continue to serve our community thanks to you. We recognize that the church is a creation of God (Acts 20:28 and 1Corinthians 3:9) founded and owned by Jesus Christ. Your kindness will help us to continue the mission of the church to make disciples, glorify Christ, build up our Saints to know and love Christ and represent him in our world. Finally, the process application was straightforward. When we had additional questions; they were addressed in a professional manner. This made it comfortable when there was uncertainty. Thank you again."

Middle Sandy Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Homeworth, OH

"The Oldham Little Church Foundation grant has helped our church make important upgrades to our worship experience that will help our church to reach the community, connect with new believers, and most importantly, glorify God. Their support was not only a major part in our recent infrastructure upgrade, but they were also GREAT to work with! I will strongly recommend their organization to fellow churches who are looking to make significant changes that will further God's kingdom. Thank you!"

Foreman Memorial Baptist Church, New Ellenton, SC

"The members of Foreman Memorial Baptist Church greatly appreciate the grant awarded to our church! We had been raising funds for our renovation of the church sanctuary for three years, and were halfway to our goal when the COVID-19 pandemic came along. We made the decision to go ahead with our plans and trusted God for the rest. Our members were faithful in giving, but fundraising was more difficult than usual. We heard of Oldham Little Church Foundation's help for small congregations to do work on their buildings, and applied. The grant they gave helped us with the high cost of refinishing and restoring our pews, pulpit, communion table and lectern. The grant covered 42% of that cost, and allowed us to cover this expense and the other costs of our renovation with the money we had raised and our general fund. God has provided through the generosity of OLCF which is now a part of FMBC's history. We also appreciated the patience, kindness and professionalism of the staff."

The Road Church, Grain Valley MO

"Thank you so much for helping us with our worship center seating! As you can see in the picture, the worship center is not yet ready for us to unpack the chairs and set them up. However, it is getting very close. We hope to take possession of the space within a month or two."

Oasis Community Church, Winter Garden, FL

"With this grant we are able to continue preach the gospel and disciple many of our members who are not ready to return for in person gathering yet. Also we are able to reach hundreds our people around the world with the gospel every week through technology."

The Mount Church, Clemson, SC

"The generosity of the OLCF grant has been of great service to our church, much in the way I imagine the gift of the Corinthian and Galatian churches were for the saints in Jerusalem (1 Cor 16:3). We are a 'little church,' and this grant has enabled us to achieve a project goal for the betterment of our service to those in our charge without having to mine the resources at our disposal. This generosity has proven all the more timely given the state of the economy and its impact upon the church in the midst of a pandemic. So it is that we extend our thanksgiving to God for you, from the bottom of our hearts."

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, Harrisburg, PA

"This grant has enabled Macedonia to continue its mission of being “The Church in the heart of the City with the City at heart.” Being reimbursed for so many badly needed repairs has taken some of the burden off our shoulders during the pandemic, and recent weather impact. The grant process was thorough, but not burdensome. Though a novice at completing a grant, the steps were simple enough even for me. We are truly grateful for the Oldham Little Church Foundation. You are a blessing to the Body of Christ."

New Bethel Free Will Baptist Church, Sage, AR

"Words can't begin to express our heartfelt appreciation to God and to OLCF and your staff for your assistance with this project. To be able to finish this remodel and repair debt free to such a blessing for a small congregation like ours. God bless and keep you now and in the future. We will be praying for your ministry."

Cross Roads Baptist Church, Hartwell, GA

This grant has been such a huge blessing to our church. It helped us realize the generational dream of having a family life center. We witnessed God demonstrate His faithfulness to our church time and again throughout our project. I literally found the Oldham Little Church Foundation through an Internet search as I was seeking funding sources for our project. No doubt, it was through God's leading that I found you. And, what a blessing you have been! Through the grant your foundation provided, we will be able to fully furnish our new dining hall with new tables and chairs. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I also want to express appreciation to Lisa Diehl who was always so accommodating and helpful throughout the application process. She was a blessing to me and I know she is a credit to the foundation.

Thank you again and may God richly bless you!

Greater Mt. Zion M.B.C., Brookshire, TX

"We are extremely grateful for Oldham Little Church Foundation and the ability to look into our community and outreach vision and partner with us. With the recent growth and transition in leadership the completed projects will help us better serve our parishioners and community. We now have a designated place for baptism candidates and the baptism team to hold New member orientation, baptism classes, and sanctity before they actually get baptized. We also have an initiative to feed and giveaway food for the community and members after services. Before it was very challenging storing supplies and preparing food at the church. Now we have added an entire wall, serving counter, three sinks, and plenty of room for storage!! It's so exciting!! We now are able to better equip our hospitality ministry to serve in excellence. Our ministry partners are so excited about the upgrades. It has given the church a much needed upgrade. Thank you OLCF for everything!"

Iglesia Bautista Le Tierra Prometida, Houston, TX

"Thank to your grant! We are not only able to stream live, but also do prerecorded bible studies. We also equipped our Bible institute with cameras, tvs and computers and are now providing theological training to church planters from Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua, as well as members of our church that can't [attend in person] for health and other reasons. We are grateful to God for organizations like Oldham that support our small and less resource churches. THANK YOU!!"

Restoration Community Fellowship Church, Garland, TX

"The grant provided to our church by Oldham Little Church Foundation provided us the opportunity to have safe and presentable parking for our members and guests. Prior to obtaining this grant, we had to park on our old parking lot that consisted of old broken asphalt and grass. The women and children had to walk through mud on rainy days. This is no longer the case thanks to OLCF!"

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Vidor, TX

Our church is so grateful for your assistance. It allowed us to get the flooring we needed for our sanctuary and helped us with purchasing comfortable and attractive seating. The congregation is so happy with the results and we have received many compliments from visitors.

We cannot express what a blessing your organization is to small churches such as ours. May God continue to bless your organization and all who work there abundantly!

Calvary Baptist Church, New Philadelphia, OH

"We are truly blessed by Oldham Little Church Foundation. Thank you so much for helping us greatly with our new roof. It will surely bring some new folks to Calvary Baptist Church as the building now looks so inviting. We are looking forward to sharing Jesus to our valley. May the Lord bless your foundation over the top! The online process is so easy and user friendly. We are amazed at your kindness. Thanks again!"

Higher Expectations Church, Humble, TX

"We are extremely grateful for this grant, it has allowed our church to connect with those in our community during COVID who are at high risk, the quality of having professional equipment had made our presentation and ability to engage a team to serve seamless. Most importantly, we have witnessed a few people come to a deeper faith in God."

Dryden Wesleyan Church, Dryden, MI

"A huge thank you for the assistance in meeting our grant request. It is a huge blessing for our small congregation to receive these funds. We are greatly mission-minded and love the fact that our gym reaches thousands every year. For us to be able to keep a roof over it for years to come is awesome. May God continue to bless our work and all the work that Oldham Little Church Foundation does."

Carterville First Baptist Church, Carterville, MO

"I wanted to come on here real quick and deeply thank you for your help in updating our church. We have been able to replace the windows which we haven't been able to do without your help."

Colgate Baptist Church, Clarksville, IN

The grant money has enabled us to complete a new roof for our church. We are humbled and grateful that Oldham Little Church Foundation approved the grant. We praise God for your help and the completion of this project..

The online application process works very well for the process of applying and completing the project.

Again, thank you and God bless.

Watertown Baptist Temple, Watertown, NY

We are so very grateful to your organization for helping our church accomplish the goal of getting our paving done. The plowing was so much better this winter and we don't have any raking gravel from the grass. The parking lot is no longer a muddy eyesore and many other churches have even noticed. So our appearance in the community has improved and also our testimony has improved as the eyesore has been corrected. Our church members and visitors don't have to replace their struts now(a lil humor) and we don't have nearly as much pooling of water.

Again thank you all so very much as God enabled you to help us, the Lord, and the precious souls of Watertown, NY and ARMY 10th Mountain Division. Words just cannot offer a true portrayal of our heartfelt gratefulness to you all!

New Bethel Baptist Church, Mocksville, NC

Thank you so much for blessing our little church with the grant money. With your grant money, we were able to successfully restore our church's bell towers as well as repair the roof, which had eliminated leaks into our sanctuary. We cannot thank you enough!! God bless you!!!

Wabash Church of the Nazarene, Wabash, IN

Words cannot convey how thankful and blessed we are because of your generous love shown to us! Because of Oldham Little Church Foundation, we were able to finish our basement renovations after a devastating flood due to sump pump failure. The response time of your foundation was incredible, especially given that our need fell between Thanksgiving and Christmas, definitely one of the busiest times in our church and for most people. Yet within a couple weeks you reached out to us and with a far greater gift than we anticipated, paying for all of our flooring costs! Now our nursery, children, and youth areas look better than ever and are safer and cleaner than before! We continue to praise God for you and for His blessings that you pour out on us and other churches in need, and we pray that He will continue to bless you wonderful ministry!

Living Water Church, Cloverdale, CA

Thank you, Thank you,

Your grant has allowed the church to get AC and heat throughout our building which has not had both in its 70 year history. Where the old furnaces were replaced, we are also now able to heat much more efficiently. This allows us to save money and heat and cool the building much faster.

Live Oak Baptist, Cove, AR

The grant has totally transformed our Church. When we got here our Church in 2018 was just a shell of a building of potential. Now God has transformed it through the help of Oldham Little Church Foundation, to a beautiful masterpiece for His kingdom. The testimony of what God has done on the outside is resonating throughout our community. We are getting calls and text messages on what God has done. We give him all the glory for what He has done. We want to say THANK YOU FOR HELPING US!!!! Will also remember the contribution you have made to help our troops get to this point. We love you all, and God Bless.

The online process was simple, easy, and very understandable. Thank you for making things so simple.

Nesbitt Baptist Church, Marshall, TX

Nesbitt Baptist Church is so grateful for this amazing gift for our parking lot improvement project. Prior to the pandemic arriving, on any given Sunday our parking lot may have had ten opens spots left for parking. After this project was finished we gained over 30 additional parking spots, a proper flow to the parking lot, more handicap parking spots, and a new exit to the parking lot. Your grant made all of that possible! We pray that God would bless your ministry and that you'll be able and willing to continue helping small churches with their building projects.

Christ the King Church, Eastern Hills, Cincinnati, OH

Christ the King Eastern Hills THANKS YOU for this tremendous contribution to our church's roof renovation. For years we have been needing to repair this leaking roof, and we are so thankful that in a year of hardship (2020), though the help of your grant funding, we were able to get this repaired. The roof of our fellowship hall is no longer leaking water, so we are able to hold events, keep the room warm and clean! Praise God for this provision for our church and community!

First Baptist Church - Owego, NY

The First Baptist Church of Owego, NY (FBC-O) Board of Managers undertook repair of its driveway and parking lot areas. The condition of said areas had deteriorated to the point where they had become a safety issue for the congregation and community members using these areas for general and handicapped parking. For those individuals with stability issues using a cane, walker or wheelchair, the paved areas presented an additional challenge due to cratering and asphalt "alligatoring". The Board of Managers had been "band-aiding" for some time, but formal and proper repair of the problem areas by an experienced professional was required. This project was successfully completed, but would not have been possible without the support of an OLCF Grant. The grant process was thorough and easy-to-use. The FBC-O Board of Managers and full Congregation are grateful to OLCF for its generosity. The OLCF has been a blessing to the life and work of our Church!

Des Moines Mennonite Church, Des Moines, IA

Des Moines Mennonite Church has deep gratitude for the grant award that we received from the Oldham Little Church Foundation. The grant award enabled us to replace a forty year old carpet that was in poor condition. Upgrading the carpet gives our church a fresh look that we pray we help us attract more people to our ministry for Christ.

Village Baptist Temple, North Canton, OH

Our church is extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive this grant for our new outdoor church sign! Our old sign was literally falling apart and the additional funds allowed us proceed with this upgrading project when we might not have been able to do so otherwise! What a blessing - we thank you! The application process is very thorough, took some time and effort, but was well worth the outcome.

Victory Independent Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA

We have been greatly bless by the completion of the parking lot. Our neighbors, for what ever reason, are asking what's going at Victory. We are again walking through the neighborhood meeting and talking with them, There is a renewed interest. The membership is also encouraged at getting a project competed. Thank you so very very much from all of us at VIBC. The process works great once I understood how to work the program....God Bless.

Life Church of the Nazarene, Warrensburg, MO

"We know have a 20X30 finished slab off our coffee booth which allows people to go outside with their drinks and snacks,

Also, the new siding has replaced our old dilapidated siding and seriously improved our frontage improvement!"

First Congregational Church, Thomaston, CT

"...The work was completed in September and during the annual Light Up the Town Christmas celebration, our church shone brightly along with the other buildings in town! We are indebted to the Oldham Little Church Foundation for your assistance in funding this badly needed repair. When the extent of the damage was initially discovered, our hearts sank at the thought of losing the steeple. However, through the perseverance of our Trustees, Finance Committee, the existence of our "Permanent Fund", as well as a recently established Steeple Fund, and the auspices of the OLCF, we were able to effect the repair to our beautiful building. Our church has stood in the center of Thomaston for nearly 200 years as a beacon of light to the faithful, and a call to those who need to come into its light. Praise Jesus for guiding us to you, and for your confidence in us! Thank you seems most inadequate to express our gratitude."

First Baptist Church, New Haven, IN

The membership of First Baptist Church New Haven desires for me to express their deepest appreciation to Oldham Little Church Foundation!

The grant approved for FBC New Haven by the Foundation helped our church get over the top in funding for a much needed remodeling project of our church sanctuary & adjacent fellowship hall - all done by the great volunteers @ FBC!

The on-line grant process is thorough, but well thought out and helped us to think through and better articulate our project to our congregation.

This is the second time FBC New Haven has gone through the grant process and had the privilege to be awarded a grant, and so we are very thankful for the ministry of Oldham Little Church Foundation!

Ebenzer Evangelical Congregational Church, Jim Thorpe, PA

We were so blessed to work with Oldham Little Church Foundation. The grant helped us to complete expensive repairs for our small church and the foundation staff encouraged us along the way. They were very helpful with our many questions and even gave us technical assistance on more than one occasion. We would highly recommend the foundation to any small church!

Monee Free Methodist Church, Monee, IL

Thank you SOO much for your continued support of small local churches! The doors look beautiful and we are excited to see how the Lord will use these doors to help people come to know and find the true door, Jesus.

Calvary's Harvest Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA

The Grant has made a huge impact on our Church and n the people. They have been encouraged to pray more and are learning that the Lord knows what we have need of even before we ask, and that he is able to do exceeding above whatsoever we could think or ask. We are so thankful for the Grant and because of it, we are able to open the facility and use it in the way God has designed and intended to be used, to reach and teach His people and His Children.

Thank you again for your gracious investment in the ministry of the Lord through Calvary's Harvest Baptist Church.

Forever grateful, Dr. Craig L. Bennett

Phil. 1:21

Spirit Redeemed Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

The Spirit Redeemed Church and I are so grateful that you all chose to assist us with the repair of our roof. We have struggled over the years to do necessary repairs and cover the cost of ministry. We believe that our church is a beacon of light that shines in a dim community. Your assistance helped take a significant weight off and even though there are other repairs that need to be done we a grateful for the fact the sky will not be falling on our heads. Again I along with the entire Spirit Redeemed Church appreciate the favor that you have graced us with.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, Livingston, TX

"I would like to say that we are very grateful for the gift that we received. It complimented our church in such an awesome way. The membership is very pleased for such a spirit of sharing. We will forever have an attitude of gratitude because of the generosity of Oldham Little Church Foundation. You all will continue to be in our prayers that more fruit may abound to you all's account. As it relates to the online application process, it was very beneficial in assisting us to complete the grant."

Lighthouse Baptist Church, Horseheads, NY

"The grant that was provided by Oldham Foundation allowed us to repave our two driveways coming into the church. The old pavement was breaking up and with winter coming it probably would have been beyond repair in the spring of 2021. Thank you for your help, We couldn't have done without you."

Royersford Church of the Nazarene, Royersford, PA

"We never would have had the confidence to pursue this project on our own. But with the spurring help of Oldham, not only did we have the faith to explore and undertake the project, our church has benefited and gained steam as a result of that faith this year. Our church family has grown even through the difficulties presented during 2020 pandemic. Finances are secure our people excited, grounds refreshed, and God has continued to bless our church family with a loving and 'others focused' culture in living out our vision of a Restoring Community Church of Jesus Christ in our town. I hope so much to partner again with your foundation if we hit any other big obstacles."

Faith Baptist Church, Attica, KS

The grant awarded to us has been such a needed blessing. This project took more money than we anticipated. The process was simple and Lisa was very helpful and kind every step of the way. Our church thanks you very much! Many Blessings!

New Life Baptist Church, Addison, MI

"What a blessing it was to actually see vivid colors and words on our screen! It had been so long since we were using a projector not working properly, that we couldn't believe what it was supposed to look like! No flickering, and instead clear, bright images and words. Thank you so much for your gift to make this possible. God used you to be such an encouragement to us all here at New Life Baptist Church.

Thank you for your clear step by step instructions in your online application process.

May God bless your ministry!

Harvest Baptist Temple, Owensboro, KY

Our church is grateful for the generosity shown to us. Our church has been/still is a revitalization project. God has been so good to us to bring healing and restoration. We have also been able to repair old buildings. And this grant was a big part of that. Thank you so much for thinking of smaller churches who need help and encouragement. You have given that! May the Lord bless and use you in other churches as He has used you in our church!

Center Church, Grove City, PA

Center Church of Grove City, PA, is so very grateful for the generous funding towards our building project. This has allowed us to have the necessary brick work done and a new door installed to finish off a newly exposed exterior wall, after demolition of an addition which was declared unsafe and unstable due to sinking after many years. The building looks so good now! The restoration of that wall allows us time to carefully plan for future expansion in a different part of our property without worry over deterioration of the existing building. Thank you so much and may God bless you and the Foundation.

Windham Bible Church, Windham, OH

The blessing, that the Lord has provided our church through the OLCF, was both wonderful and right on time. The OLCF board worked with us quickly, in regards to our grant proposal and the unique conditions our church was facing at the time of the grant request. Communication and follow up information was efficient and easy to work with.

Thank you OLCF, we would not be having our church service today, if God had not given us the grant through your organization.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to be His hands and feet.

Center Barnstead Christian Church, Center Barnstead, NH

This is one of the easiest projects the writer of this grant has ever completed. All I had to do was follow up on the work other people in the congregation have and probably thought no one would ever use their work. This has been a project that the church and the community needed during these depressing times to show them that hope for success is still something that does occur. God has been faithful in many lives for years and continues to do so. Our congregation has 7 new families attending since this process started and one family has joined the fellowship of believers membership. Others are also seeking the Lord's guidance in their desire to be active members of the congregation. The attention to the showing that Our Creator oversees and guides in every matter has been shown and praised. We look forward to conversing with your organization in the future. Thank you so much for helping us spread the true gospel throughout Barnstead, New Hampshire, New England and beyond.

Saint Thomas Missionary Baptist Church, Benton Harbor, MI

Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Saint Thomas Missionary Baptist Church has truly been blessed by Oldham Little Church Foundation for the grant to replace our roof and gutters. Not only did it help in maintaining our interior it also beautified the exterior church/neighborhood, we are so thankful to Lisa for her help in directing us through the process. Thank God for you and what you do to help churches.

Bethel Baptist Church, Ft. Bragg, CA

Our church body has been very encouraged to see how God brought this long project to quick fruition once everything was in place. It is awesome to see our Father work through people and circumstances when we pray together and watch Him accomplish the task. Thank you so much for being a big part of this process in the life of our church. Even the neighbors are impressed with what God has done!!

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Coeur d'Alene, ID

The grant monies we received from Oldham Little Church Foundation has helped us to update a very old and outdated worship center, along with making it more accessible for the hard of hearing. This update has allowed us to provide a better listening and acoustically pleasing worship experience and to be more relevant in reaching our community for Jesus. Thank you so much for your help in making this project a reality!

Eastland Baptist Church, Bryan, OH

The grant award from Oldham was a real encouragement to our congregation. We had been saving to fix our parking lot but the amount needed seemed so very out of reach. Oldham's choosing our congregation to help with a grant sparked a great feeling of rejoicing and relief in the congregation. We knew God would provide the funds but now we saw God doing just that. He was helping us through Oldham reach our goal of fixing our parking lot. The finished parking lot allows us to now focus our resources on our ministry of making reproducing disciples and reaching those in the community who don't know Jesus.

Thank you for picking us for the grant. Oldham is such a blessing to small churches like Eastland.

Hilcrest Baptist Church, Jamestown, NY

Two years ago we began a major Capital Campaign and restructuring project. We moved forward with the resolution that we would not borrow any money for this undertaking. It is remarkable how many unexpected sources of revenue God has provided. We are thankful to the Oldham Little Church Foundation for being one of those sources. Tomorrow we have our annual Harvest Festival, the offering from which we prayerfully hope will allow us to complete the last phase, a vestibule off the main doors.

Thank you for your partnership with us in reaching our community for the Kingdom.

Spring Valley Wesleyan Church, Kalamazoo, MI

This was an absolute blessing! Soon after we received notice that we were approved for this grant, we also found out our main AC coil went bad and had to be replaced. Without this grant, we would have been stuck choosing which one to fix. With your assistance we were able to have both replaced! Thank you!!!

Fellowship of Believers Baptist Church, Pearland, TX

The Grant Award has helped our church move to a new level of excellence when producing video output for our congregation during this Covid-19 Pandemic. The picture and sound are much better quality and we would not have been able to accomplish this at this time when we needed it the most without the grant award help.

The application process was tedious but not difficult. It required the applicant to pay attention to detail and show a true picture of the project. The only problem I had with the application is the space allowed to upload documents and receipts. With a project type like we had, there are multiple receipts, invoices, etc., as all the items needed can't be purchased at 1 vendor. I believe we ended up with at least 30 pages of receipts and this was too much to get upload with the allotted space. The good thing was the help I got from Ms. Lisa. She was amazing when working with me. She was patient and determined to help me get the documents uploaded. Thanks to Ms. Lisa.

LifeWay Bible Fellowship, Fort Wayne, IN

We're extremely grateful for your generous support to the LifeWay Bible Fellowship roof project. Your contribution will serve in helping us sustain our presence in the community, being a beacon of hope and refuge.... We know its by the grace of God and your support that has made this possible. Thank you on behalf of the LifeWay church family. Be blessed.

CHRIST CHURCH at Goshen, Goshen, KY

Thank you again OLCF! Your grant was critical to this (HVAC and mold remediation) project. Our sanctuary is now safe and comfortable.

Blessings to you!

Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Woodlawn, TX

Our church was destroyed by a tornado in Dec 2015, the building was a total loss.. Our insurance did not supply enough funds to rebuild at today's cost. The grant enabled us to continue with new construction by providing funds for one important aspect of our building, the flooring. The online grant application was easy to navigate and to know what is expected.... We will be dedicating the building on Sunday November 8, 2020.

Canal Fulton Baptist Church, Canal Fulton, OH

Everything about this grant application process was great. OLCF has been a tremendous help and blessing to the ministries of Canal Fulton Baptist Church. Thank you so much!

Lynn Friends Church, Lynn, IN

All of us at Lynn Friends Church would like to extend out greatest gratitude for the grant that OLF gave us for the completion of our parking lot. We are a small town country church and when we started getting estimates to recover our dilapidated parking lot, they were overwhelming. With your help, we now have a beautiful parking lot that not only looks good, but it will last for many years. Thank you again for blessing us with the grant!!

We pray for God's blessing on your foundation as you continue to bless God's churches!

Belleville First Church of the Nazarene, Belleville, IL

Thank you so much for the generous grant that you gave our church. We were able to renovate four restrooms. They are now ADA compliant and bright and updated. We also replaced the railing on our staircase. It is now safety compliant with spindles close together and the proper height for the railing. Having the bathrooms and staircase updated makes our church more welcoming and safe for visitors and those who attend our church. This is our second grant from OLCF. With the first grant, everything was done with mailing things in. The online process this time was very easy to navigate and to submit the application and then the documentation for receiving the grant money. Thank you again for selecting our church for one of your grants.

Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Brunswick, ME

Thank you so much for your help in our building project. We have been so blessed to be the recipients of this generosity. We look forward to many years of worshipping God in this facility.

Overall, it was a simple process that was fairly easy to follow.

Black Oak Baptist Church, Jelico, TN

After that our church was destroyed by fire we set out to build a new church. Just knowing that this community still needed a place for the Lord to work and that so many had worked so hard to finally have one to see it all destroyed and not put another one back. As donations came in and then someone said I have heard about a foundation that might help us. We had to try. Once checking into it and using the forms. We found that the application was simple and easy and that as we needed help we got it. The grant you gave us helped us raise the money faster for when others heard we had received a grant toward the purchase of the pews and pulpit furniture, they were encouraged to also help because of what you have done. There is a light again in this community, and the Lord will truly be lifted up to all who come and even those who are outside we will go to the highways and hedges and invite. Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement. We are truly blessed and encouraged.

Resonate Church, Madison, TN

We simply cannot thank OLCF enough for the grant for the beautiful flooring! This update completely changed the look for our church building, and will serve to provide our community a beautiful place to step into for the purpose of experiencing the love of Christ through our church family! Thank you so much!! This grant was a huge blessing to us!

Antioch Baptist Church, Proctorville, NC

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity.

We are humble and grateful for the funding from your prestigious grant, Oldham Little Church Foundation. We are honored, dedicated and faithful. We are greatly appreciative of the blessings God has bestowed to us through your gift. In our prayers for all of you, I pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. Philippians 1:4-5 (NIV).

Lovesick Ministries, Lawton, OK

"This was the first substantial grant that we have ever received since we began our endeavors into ministry over 10 years ago. My wife has applied for so many grants over the years with little success. This was a huge benefit to her faith, as she was nearly ready to give up. Thank you so much for that. She was encouraged greatly by this. Our building that we operate ministry out of has never had proper working water and plumbing facilities. We were looking at being shut down by the city and state if we were not able to build and supply proper bathroom and kitchen facilities to the public. We have washed dishes with water we heat up on the stove for 7 years. The water would drain into 5 gallon buckets that we would dump out of the door. We are incredibly grateful for the ability this has given us to continue to love and serve the forgotten and lost in our community with new plumbing! Thanks!"

Sun City Church, El Paso, TX

"God's provision through the OLCF Grant has blessed Sun City Church. We are thankful to be able to purchase needed equipment and supplies to help us better minister to the people the Lord has brought to Sun City Church. Thank you, OLCF team!"

First Church of God, Racine, WI

"Thank you for encouraging the Congregation of First Church of God with the grant for the kitchen remodel. So many of the outreach ministries that our church provides to the community and to the Body of Christ use the kitchen. It truly helps us to show the love of Christ. God sent us craftsmen who are now friends of the church and went above and beyond not just doing a job for the church, but saw it as a work for God. We would not have been able to make this kitchen so much more functional without your help. Many church members helped with technical info, historical info, documentation, physical work, donations and a loan that it brought us together in service for the Lord."

Valley Independent Baptist Church, Huttonsville, WV

"OLCF has been wonderful to work with and a blessing to our church building project, their online grant was so easy to complete and indirectly assisted us in having an orderly project plan. I consider OLCF to be a wonderful ministry to small churches and would recommend to other ministries to take advantage of this great opportunity or I should say blessing." - Youth Pastor Mark J. Allen

The Fellowship of Love, Richmond, TX

"The Oldham Little Church Foundation has blessed our church by providing our ministry with tools and equipment that has allowed our church to now go online and actually purchase items that will help assist the children and youth ministries. The online process was seamless and the staff at Oldham were amazing. The Fellowship of Love couldn't have asked for a smoother process and we will continue to use all that we obtain to further the Kingdom of the Lord. May God continue to bless Oldham Little Church Foundation!"

Springfield Baptist Church, Greenwood, SC

"Springfield Baptist Church has been greatly blessed by OLCF with the grant to replace the roof on our church. When doing things new and different like applying for a grant, it can be a little scary and feel overwhelming, but none of those things was the case with your organization! The process was very easy to follow, and I was able to speak with someone when I had questions. SBC is very grateful for your help in assisting us with the much needed repairs to our church!! May God continue to bless you for being there for churches in need! We would love to let everyone know how awesome your organization is and the wonderful support and support staff you have! Thank you again!!"

King Cove Bible Church, King Cove, AK

"We are a small Church in an Alaskan fishing village of about 900 people. For special occasions, we have packed over 80 people in our 55 seat sanctuary. For funerals, we have had people standing in our entrance way and out on to the entrance deck in the rain and wind in the Aleutian Islands where we have less than a 100 days of sunshine a year. Now, with the grant that we received from the Oldham Little Church Foundation, we will soon have a building that will seat over 100 plus for the first time our building will be handicap accessible. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!"

Heath Christian Union Church, Heath, OH

"This grant is truly a blessing to our church. While our need appeared overwhelming at first, we have seen God use (Oldham Little Church Foundation) as designed. Our congregation was revitalized by your generosity. While we can't match this grant immediately, we intend to pass it on to others as we grow. Thank you.

The online application worked well, no glitches.

Glenvale Church of God, Marysville, PA

"Oldham Little Church Foundation. Love that name. There are not too many organizations that would use the word "little" in their title. Everyone wants to look big. Glenvale is a small, rural church as far as churches go. But we believe we are a mighty force in our community and surrounding areas. In mid-July we had 26 young children commit their lives to Jesus during a week of Vacation Bible School. Just last week, two young adults were baptized as a testimony of their commitment to Jesus. We firmly believe that little becomes much when it is placed in the Master's hands.

Our parking lot looks so wonderful. The application process worked well for us.. The project is paid in full without any debt and Oldham Little Church Foundation helped us reach that goal. God bless your board and your organization. We thank God for you and your organization that is willing to help little churches. May God bless the work of your hands and hearts."

Latrobe Alliance Church, Latrobe, PA

"OLCF has blessed our church beyond description with a generous grant that allowed us to complete several desperately needed projects in our sanctuary and parking lot. For nearly twenty years, our congregation has worshipped together in uncomfortable metal folding chairs. This grant allowed us to finally replace those old chairs with new attractive and durable stacking chairs that are far, far more comfortable. In addition, we were also able to use a portion of the grant to install three parking islands. These have replaced ugly orange parking cones and now provide definitive parking spaces for our church family and visitors. As we finish planting low shrubs and ground cover in these islands, they will also greatly enhance the appearance of our church. Thank you and may the Lord bless your ministry! Thank you for making the process so easy!"

Charlotte First Baptist Church, Charlotte, TN

"God is amazing. Thank you so much for your grant to our church. We are a small older church and in need of a lot of renovations. Your funding helped us repave the parking lot and now we have handicap parking spaces that were desperately needed. The parking lot had deteriorated and was also not safe for walking. The revitalization of Charlotte First Baptist is going very well. Many people have noticed the renovations of the church over the last few months as we are continuing to grow. This funding could not have come at a better time. We are so thankful to our brothers and sisters in Christ at Oldham Little Church Foundation who poured out their love to us. Continue to pray for us and we press forward for God's kingdom.

The grant application process went very smoothly and the staff was always very helpful with questions."

Oates Drive Baptist Church, Mesquite, TX

"We never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Morris Oldham, but the legacy and generosity he left has made impacts for all Eternity. Oates Drive Baptist Church has been the blessed recipient of 2 grants that have enable the ministry of the Gospel to go forward in a challenging socio-economical area. Psalm 78:6-8 says that 'generations to come might know, even the children, will set their hope and not forget God. Our building, including the children's building, was in desperate need of drainage repair. This grant went a long way toward making these repairs. Now, we can have ministry without fear of flood. Because of Oldham Foundation's generosity in 2014, we were able to purchase a sound system to help with Spanish translation. Once the system was installed, two Hispanic missions were started and in one year, the Lord blessed with numerous conversions.

'May all who come behind us find us faithful.' To The Oldham Foundation, thank you and may the Lord bless their continued generosity.

Keystone Free Will Baptist Church, Greensburg, PA

"Wow...what a huge blessing and great help this grant was for our church. We were not sure how we were going to be able to pay for our new parking lot until someone told us about this Foundation. Keystone Church is thankful for the ministry that this organization has."

Oakhaven Church, Osh Kosh, WI

"We are extremely appreciative of the assistance you have offered us. I have truly enjoyed telling the story of OLCF and your dedication to assisting small churches share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am hopeful that Mr. Oldham, with his roots in the dairy industry, would have taken pleasure in knowing that this project has been completed in a remodeled dairy barn...Thank you again."

First Church of the Nazarene, Topeka, KS

"Thank you so much for your generosity and support in ministry. This grant enabled us to replace 10 of our 15 furnaces in our facility. We are overwhelmed by your work to further God's Kingdom whereever it is advancing. The whole grant process was easy and non stressful."

Pioneer Valley Baptist Church, Westfield, MA

"OLCF was truly a 'God-send' for our building expansion project.... Because of the kindness of OLCF, we were able to complete our project 'debt-free'. Thank you, OLCF!!!"

New Home Missionary Baptist Church, Lansing, MI

"Oldham Little Church Foundation's grant has been a great blessing to our church. This generous grant has helped to install a much needed new roof over a portion of our church building. Mere words cannot express our gratitude. Our prayer is that the foundation will be blessed as it carries out the spirit of Mr. Oldham's legacy to serve and give so that small churches like ours can continue to minister to others."